My eye doesn't just compose a photograph, it shows me how I can portray a home so a buyer is intrigued, and INSPIRED to want to set that all-important showing.   It's NOT just shooting rooms from all four corners!   Since 1995 I have been behind the camera helping to market real estate in Denver and now in Tulsa.  

I shoot with special equipment and my images have a broader range of contrast and richer, far more vivid colors.

I will bring this keen understanding of real estate marketing to the photographic coverage of your listings.  Having worked directly with many sellers over the years, I know well what they expect ... and how to WOW them. My "seasoned eye" and graphic design experience helps me produce photographic images that create both superior real estate marketing impact, greater depth and overall a higher quality.

I would welcome the opportunity to show you my complete portfolio.  Please contact me to make arrangements to see my work, it will give you an understanding of how I can make your listing's marketing presence far more impactful.

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Additional photographic coverage of the home's special selling features.  Architectural elements, quality features, upgrade appliances, flooring, striking tile or mill work, landscaping, etc.

These images are then used to augment the design of the Virtual Tour and printed materials.  The objective is to tell a better story about the home's character - enhancing its value.

$ 30.00 - $ 50.00 Included in several of the packages above.

Based on the size and scope of the home.

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Headlines and a comprehensive, flowing verbiage are written from the broker's feature notes and the photographic coverage.  The copy is embedded into each page of the virtual or custom tour, its goal is to educate the prospective buyer.  Far better than JUST a picture it helps guide the perceptions of the prospective buyer and assures they are educated as to the special aspects of the home's features.

$ 40.00 - $ 65.00 Included in several of the packages above.

Based on the size and scope of the home.


A direct-access domain name is purchased and set up to link to the broker's branded version of the website.  For SEO purposes, the domain is coded with key-words to structure it telling search engines that the address is a home for sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

$ 22.00 Included in several of the packages above.

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In keeping with the design theme of the tour, and using graphics created from the details coverage, a two-sided flyer is produced.  A print resolution PDF is made and sent to the broker for your internal printing.

The direct-access domain is featured urging readers to access the website for the complete photographic coverage and all the details.  The link is set up to go to the broker's branded version of the tour.

$ 35.00 Included in several of the packages above.

Full coverage of the home's exterior at dusk.  The images will be incorporated into the virtual tour and MLS download.  Also used in the printed pieces.

$ 155.00

Professional Voice-Over Recording is made of the verbiage and edited with music beds which are then embedded into each related page of the tour.  The objective is to assure that viewers "HEAR" about the selling point of the home rather than just clicking through pictures (like found in other tours).  By verbalizing the copy that was written, you create the BEST POSSIBLE virtual tour of the home.

$ 40.00 - $ 110.00 Included in several of the packages above.

Includes voice over scripting and recording with music bed on each page of the new style PMR website with navigation.

Based on the size and scope of the home.

A branded version of the tour will be made featuring the broker's logo and contact information, as well as the brokerage logo.  It is linked to the direct-access domain that is featured on printed pieces, any newspaper, or other media advertising done.

This assures the listing broker gets an opportunity to benefit from any marketing done of the listing outside the MLS.

$ 35.00 Included in several of the packages above.

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A video production is created giving viewers a complete overview of the home's features and character.  Its purpose is to provide a highly VERSATILE marketing tool that has a presence in numerous media.  Searchable on YouTube and Vimeo, the piece will also be embedded into the virtual tour, and an email sized version is also made for the broker to use in client or prospective buyer emails.  Often, the drone fly-over video is included in this marketing piece.

$ 135.00 - $ 250.00 Included in several of the packages above.

Visit the "VIDEO PRODUCTION SAMPLES"  page of this website to see more examples of my video work.

Be sure to visit the MY NEW-STYLE VIRTUAL TOUR EXAMPLES page in this website to review samples of my Semi Custom Tours.


I've specifically compiled a number of comprehensive marketing packages for varying price points of listings.  Many include literally everything you will need for a strong promotion of your seller's home. AFFORDABLY!

With broad-ranging expertise in helping clients create impacting strategies of direct mail campaigns, I have a host of ideas for effective marketing messages.  Delivered in a host of formats and sizes, I provide turn-key service, including all creative work, design, production, printing, targeting lists development and mailing services.  See more on the MARKETING TOOLS page of the website.  Don't hesitate to contact me to review your objectives and put my creativity to work for your benefit.

Costs are bid, based on project scope

Custom Internet Marketing Presentations are the best way for you to illustrate your expertise as a Real Estate professional!

• When it's time to renew a listing agreement and you need to beef up marketing.

• When the listing deserves and needs something more than just the standard little slide-show virtual tour.  

• When the client is a long-standing one who has many times referred your services.

• When the community is especially important to your own marketing.

• When you need a superior tool for your own marketing competitive edge.

Rather than marketing a home with a simple little slideshow type virtual tour used by every other broker, create and use a professionally designed and produced CUSTOM

marketing presentation.  

Use a listing as an opportunity to make a significant statement about your knowledge of real estate marketing!

Learn more on the Marketing Tools Page

Learn more click the arrow at right to see samples of the special campaigns of custom listing marketing websites and companion brochures.

Costs are bid, based on project scope

Based upon the design themes of the Semi-Custom Virtual Tour and Printed Production special graphics are produced, in-keeping with the theme.  These are NOT a template, but are custom designed and produced.

The productions are specifically sized for use with Facebook, Instagram, and any email provider.

$ 40.00 - $ 65.00 Included in several of the packages above.

Click to learn more about my Real Estate Marketing background and why my experience makes a difference "Behind the Camera"

Long - Time Real Estate Marketing Experience

A 24-year veteran of real estate marketing I joined the Denver Post in 1995 to help design and operate the newspaper's real estate segment of their Internet site. I created and managed the Online / In-Print division providing area brokers with a new companion presence of both the newspaper and Internet in custom marketing productions.

In 2000 I was recruited to serve as director of marketing for The Kentwood Company a luxury brokerage in Denver. I created their internal marketing department and ran it for 11 years. During my tenure, the company broke through the 1 billion dollars in sales of residential listings. My marketing department also grew to 7 total designers and photographers serving 106 brokers at 3 offices in broad-ranging efforts to marketing their listings, as well as their personal marketing objectives.

Individually, I assisted the company's realtors with their strategic marketing plans, orchestrating not only their plans but also providing their design work and the production of their listings Internet marketing presence. I also developed their printed marketing materials and oversaw all printing and finishing production, which we did internally with a Xerox DocuColor DC 8000 digital press. I additionally managed a variety of distribution venues to achieve broker's presence in the marketplace. It was a complete turnkey, internal response.

Forming PMR in 2007, I continued to serve high-end real estate professionals responding to their complete marketing needs in Denver. Recently relocating back to Tulsa to be near family, I am now presenting my high-quality photography and exclusive custom and semi-custom marketing productions to you. I stand ready to put my skills to work for your COMPETITIVE EDGE!